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October 19th - The League of Gentlemen are featured in a brand new magazine called Snug - which is out now and available to buy from WHSmiths and Sainsburys.

There is also a small rumour that trusty  Ananova (ha!) have posted - mentioning Nicole Kidman and TLoG film.

Lastly: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARK! :o) Even if it is two days late!

October 14th - It's the first night of the gents run in ART. To all those attending tonight - have a great time!

October 13th - Updated the Television Guide with details of Steve and Mark's upcoming appearance of the Ralph Little Show.

Also, Andy reports that Manchester's City Life Magazine will feature a small piece on Cornerhouse's screening of The Cicerones, including some quotes from Jeremy.

October 8th - The gents may be on Radio 3 talking about ART. Following details are from Amber:

BBC Radio 3 - 'Night Waves'
Thursday 17th October - 21:30 - 22:15

Paul Allen reviews the various cats of Yasmina' Reza's hit play ART, as actors from The League Of Gentlemen prepare to be the play's last line-up.

October 5th - Don't forget that Mark, Steve and Reece will be starring in the comedy ART, and tickets are selling out fast! Buy them from the Whitehall Theatre Box Office on 0207 3691735. Mark is also starring in the new Eurostar advert - where he tries to hump a train ;o)

October 2nd - Jason has added a video file of the Inside Out programme that featured Hadfield and numerous League fans at the last meet-up.

October 1st - The new League of Gentlemen Mini Site has been launched! The site aims to give up-to-date coverage of all Gents appearances - remember to check out the Television and Magazine Guides for details.




Site Updates

October 19th - Updated the Television and Magazine Guides.

October 14th - Updated the Christmas Special gallery with 1, 2, 3 & 4 images.

October 13th - Added a scan of the ART poster, thanks to Tara & Gail. Also added 1 & 2 screenshots from the Eurostar Advert, cheers Tara!

October 10th - Updated the Series 3 Gallery with 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 pictures from SFX.

October 8th - Added a picture from the BBC, and the Merchandise page is now online.

October 6th - Updated the Series 3 Gallery with photos from Bizarre & TV Zone.

October 5th - Added 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 articles and a transcript.

October 2nd - Added a new Link to Local House & a transcript of the Richard & Judy interview.

October 1st - The League of Gentlemen Mini Site is launched! Added a new article from the Independent, thanks to Liv

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